Drip Teaについて -About Drip Tea-


We, Tea Futoh, produce “Drip Tea” and “Drip Tea +plus” that enable us to make authentic Japanese tea easily and anytime.


 Reasons Why Drip Tea Is Delicious

POINT 1 / 

Well-opened tea leaves extract umami.

A tip to make a delicious cup of tea is to open up tea leaves as dancing in a cup by pouring hot water. Tea leaves in a drip bag open up slowly in hot water and extract umami well.
Drip bags have room inside like teapots so tea leaves can spread enough. While you wait for the tea, you can enjoy the view of the tea leaves opening slowly.


POINT 2 / 

Special drip bag exclusively invented for tea.


Mesh fabrics

The drip bags that were invented exclusively for Japanese tea use mesh fabrics.
The different type of mesh fabrics to the ones of coffee has rough texture so that hot water flows into the leaves well. It is special to extract umami from tea leaves.

*While the bags for coffee use close texture to prevent oil from extracting out, the ones for tea apply rough texture enough to see through the other side.



Handy and easy with mugs

To make it comfortable with a mug, it is designed considering the parts of hooks and height of the bag.

These fabrics and structures make it possible to enjoy the rich flavour of tea leaves.



Comparison !!
Comparison of a teapot, a drip bag and a tea bag.

As you can see, the difference of the space for tea leaves is obvious. Wider space is better for tea leaves to extract umami.



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Special tea leaves  

We deliver rare tea leaves from all over Japan.

In Japan, there are many hidden great teas. A Japanese tea sommelier visited tea fields travelling all over Japan and found wonderful tea leaves to put in drip bags.
Authentic and delicious teas have various flavours with rich aroma, umami, sweetness, and astringency. Please enjoy the deliciousness that those great teas carefully grown by farmers have.


We have 8 types of tea ranging from familiar ones to unique ones. Needless to say, they are all made in Japan.


Sencha→Fresh green flavour made with fresh spring harvested leaves
Sencha & Camomile→Refreshing camomile aroma blended with sweetness of sencha
Kamairicha (organic farm)→Rare pan-firing method. Refreshing and a bit roasted aroma.
Black Tea (organic farm) →Natural sweetness without sugar
Kyobancha→ Smoky, unique aroma can be addictive.
Hojicha → Rich roasting aroma and nicely refreshing flavour
Oolong Tea (organic farm) → Oolong tea made in Japan is rare and has a golden color, good aroma and mildness.
Sun-dried tea (natural farming)→ Tea leaves grown without chemicals and fertilizers and dried under the sun.


 How To Enjoy Drip Tea


Enjoy the aroma

Since the top of drip bags is open, you can enjoy the steam with a nice aroma after pouring hot water while waiting. So far, it was hard to sense it due to a lid though, but now you can enjoy it.


Multiple infusing

You can enjoy a few cups with one drip bag. If you drain well each time, you can enjoy three or four cups with the same drip bag.

The flavour also changes each time.For example, the first infusion has a rich aroma and firm sweetness.
The second infusion has a soft aroma and refreshing bitterness.You can enjoy the difference.
A recommended recipe to enjoy tea is on each package.

A recommended recipe to enjoy tea is on each package.


Type of Products


Individual packages and Daily packages

There are 2 types of packaging.
You can choose as you like.


Individual packages

One drip bag in each.
You can enjoy it anytime as much as you want.Additional plastic package (+30yen) is convenient to stock and good for gifts too.




Daily packages

No individual packages.A few drip bags in one package.
The sealing and self-standing package is easy to store.




A trial set with all the types of tea

全種類ドリップバッグ A trial set including all types for new customers

The set product includes all the 8 types of Drip Tea.It is recommended for the first use or gifts.



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